It is better to Create than to Consume

I was recently asked to deliver the commencement speech for the latest crop of grads from The Animation School in Johannesburg. Ofcourse, COVID times have altered the 'norm' and the address ended up being pre-recorded. The unintended bonus being that we can now share it with you... Congrats to the class of 2020 (especially

It is better to Create than to Consume2021-10-11T11:48:10+02:00

Press Release: Animation studio helps theatre production THE FIREBIRD take flight

Johannesburg-based MAAN Creative worked with stage producer Janni Younge, formerly of HANDSPRING PUPPET CO., on a theatre piece combining puppetry, dance and animation.After a sold-out Cape Town run at Artscape and the National Arts Festival, the production, commissioned by IMG Artists, is now on a US tour.In a burgeoning and competitive local animation landscape, Johannesburg-based

Press Release: Animation studio helps theatre production THE FIREBIRD take flight2021-10-03T12:40:03+02:00

Behind-the-scenes: FIC Stop Motion Titles

This project was bucket loads of fun to work on. We pitched this idea to the client, Fox International Channels, to make some tactile titles for their annual Ad Sales roadshow...and they went for it! We then had to make it happen and spent quite a lot of time figuring out how to do it.

Behind-the-scenes: FIC Stop Motion Titles2021-10-15T10:57:41+02:00

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