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Produced with Luke Younge of Lucid Pictures for Shikaya’s youth empowerment Up To Us campaign. It is an adaptation of Christopher Gregorowski’s well known african tale.

Click to play - Fly eagle fly

Check out the video here.

Luke Younge (Lucid Pictures) – Production
Michael Clark – Storyboarding, Illustration, Animation
Johan Scheepers – Additional illustration


  • Characterisation_02
  • Farmer01
  • Fly,-Eagle,-Fly_BUILD_00115
  • Fly,-Eagle,-Fly_BUILD_01572
  • Fly,-Eagle,-Fly_BUILD_02733
  • Fly,-Eagle,-Fly_BUILD_03641
  • Fly,-Eagle,-Fly_BUILD_06922
  • Fly,-Eagle,-Fly_BUILD_07537
  • Fly,-Eagle,-Fly_BUILD_10906
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