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A fun, action-packed little throwback to the golden age of 8-bit games. Made for Entelect (a local software development firm) and their annual talent scouting competition.

Thanks to the guys at Clive Morris Productions for getting us involved.

Michael Clark – direction, illustration, animation
Johan Scheepers – direction, illustration, animation
Shawn Smith (Clive Morris Productions) – sound design
Sipho Gogotya (Clive Morris Productions) – production
Letitia Lerm (Clive Morris Productions) – production



  • Entelect01
  • Entelect02
  • Entelect03
  • Entelect04
  • Entelect06
  • Entelect08
  • Entelect05
  • Entelect07
  • MAAN Creative.
    A boutique creative studio based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and run by Michael Clark and Johan Scheepers.