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Tamani. The bird who wished for teeth!

A bird who wished for what?! Yup, you heard me. And as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for – you just might get it! Our feathered friend Tamani learns this the round about way, but thank goodness for his old pal Fikiri who takes the time to study the literature. They both go on a journey learning how to take care of this precious blessing from Old Mother Moon – which he can barely manage to fit in his beak!

A three episode mini-series, produced by Peripheral Vision International, teaching kids how to take care of their teeth. That includes brushing (not too hard), flossing and eating healthy. Not to mention an annual trip to your friendly dentist.

Down below you will see some more detail of the character designs.

Peripheral Vision International
Production: Gosia Lukomsa

Directed by: Johan Scheepers

Storyboarding: Charl Smit

Compositing: Thorsten Reisinger

Animators: Craig Margolius, Neo Ramathinyane, Andre Goliath, Gertan Agenbach, Jess Gough

Voice Recording Engineer: Emmanuel Mtui

Voice Talent: Mahmoud Mzome (Tamani), Fredrick Mwansumbule (Fikiri), Zuhura Sengenge (Dentist), Aluwa Hamisi Juma (Nurse), Fahima Abdallah (Girl)

Music composed and performed by: Mallengye Corpus Bria

Recorded by: Timothy Muggaga at East African Records Executive

Watch the Swahili version here.

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