Project Description


Generations: Legacy

Generations – Title Sequence

We were approached by Speech and Makhanana from Molibiz to help create the new look and title sequence for prime time soap Generations – the most popular show on local TV – to commemorate it’s 20th year on air.

We were responsible for concept development, design of the new identity and logo as well as all the motion graphics and footage treatment. We were also very closely involved with directing the cast shoot.

Overall, a great project to work on.

A few years on Generations got a reboot with a new story, new characters, and all the drama that goes with it. We were excited to be involved again, but this time things were bigger and better. We were privy to an amazing group of talented people doing locations shoots all around Joburg. Legit!


Production house for Generations:
Morula Pictures

Molibiz team:
Speech Nkosi – Director
Makhanana Nkosi – Producer


Johan Scheepers – Design and Animation
Michael Clark – Design and Animation
Chris Wieffering – Design and Animation

Music composed by:
Trevor Jones

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