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Showreel 2021


Showreel 2021

Hi, we are MAAN, a boutique design, development and animation studio specialising in 2D animation
and stop motion.

We love getting our hands dirty and digging into more experimental forms of animation. Building sets, folding paper, sculpting and baking clay, photographing acrylic paintings and even cutting up cans is a day well spent.

We combine our tactile approach to design and illustration with lovingly crafted animation keyframes, all in service of the story we tell.

We have a bunch of commercial projects under our belt which are typically short turn-around projects, but we also develop and produce long form content. Our pipeline is ready to rumble. Like Tamani, the bird who wished for teeth, a 3-episode mini-series or My Better World, a 55 episode series. Then of course, you might have heard about our short film project Sam the Hedgehog that is currently in production.

Tamani. The bird who wished for teeth!
Sam the Hedgehog
My better world

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I was recently asked to deliver the commencement speech for the latest crop of grads from The Animation School in Johannesburg. Ofcourse, COVID times have altered the 'norm' and the address ended up being pre-recorded. The unintended bonus

Here at MAAN Creative we love the chance of working on anything that gets us out of the purely advertising world and into the content space so when Janni Younge - formerly of Handspring Puppet Co., the illustrious War

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